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  • Welding Glove

    Welding Glove

    Welding Glove

    Welding Glove

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  • Leather welding glove is fabricated by crown cow leather, which is wear-resistance, heat-protective and fair-protective 

    and the leather is softy and confortable. The cotton sweater inner side of the welding glove is absorbent, antiskid

    and easy to hold. The welding gloves are sewed by double thread of Dupont kevlar high pulling force and

    flame-resistant thread. 
    Usage: cutting, welding and handling. 
    Feather: the design of oblique thumb can make it move freely in the gloves, and seasy for holding weldment and welding work. 
    Length: 35cm. The outer is choosen from cow leather and inner is the cotton which is confortable and absorbent.

    The palm and wister have been widened and the main parts increase endurance.

    The design of special length(46cm) can effectively prevent the welder from heat and spatter in the special environment.
    The palm of the gloves is fabricated by cow feather and the back is made of jean cloth. 
    Feather: endurance, comfortable, beautiful. 

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